May 27, 2010

World Cup 2010 for Dummies - Part II

A few minutes away from 14 days until the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Its going to be the largest sporting event the continent has ever held. I think that fact alone constitutes major celebrations.

An additional perk for those of us in the European time zones: South Africa, despite a 12 hour flight away, is in the same time zone. Awesome!

Quite a few national teams are training here in Austria in the weeks leading up to the WC. England, Cameroon and the Netherlands find the climate "perfect". Perfect if you like downpours, thunder and lightening. I suppose they reckon the weather won't be much different down South, as its going to be winter in RSA. Kinda odd seeing as I always think "hot" as opposed to "cold" for summer events. Too bad the Earth isn't flat.

Right, so, my mnemonic device for remembering the teams in groups E through H.

Group E

CDNJ. The association is Canada, which begs the question: did Canada ever have a football team? Strange really. They are a part of the commonwealth. You'd think they'd be football fanatics like the Brits.....but no. So, for that reason Japan fits well into the group and is easy to remember (only country beginning with a "J" in the final 32 teams)

Group F
New Zealand

PINS. No further explanation necessary.

Group G
People's Republic of Korea (the commies)
Cote d'Ivoire

This was a challenge. The acronym was easy enough: BPPC. British Petroleum (corporate commies) and Political Correctness. Brazil has offshore drilling so the link to BP works. Portugal is in the same group as Brazil, both speak Portuguese, so that works, plus its a much anticipated match-up. PRK: that country code just reeks of totalitarian regime. Check.

CI for Ivory Coast. The second group with national teams from four continents.

Group H

Group H has Honduras. Cinch. SSHC. SSCH might have been better. But by this time, my creativity had run out. And Spain/Switzerland/Honduras/Chile kinda rolled off the tongue. Also, I remember Spain played Switzerland in the Euro Cup 2008. At the very least, I dreamed about it. Works for me.

Done. Photo of Didier Drogba and Zakazaka courtesy of Malawiblog

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