May 26, 2010

World Cup 2010 for Dummies - Part I

How to remember which teams play in what groups:

Now, let me point out - I ain't no dummy. In fact, I consider myself a bit of an expert. But even I needed a device to remember which team is playing in which group. Very important. Why? Because the two top teams of the 8 groups go on to the "round of 16" and then 1st place of group A plays 2nd of group B, and 2nd of group A plays 1st of group B and so on and so forth.

Plus its good for showing off. Especially to all the guys who think they know everything.

Special thanks to Sandy D. for quizzing me (and now she knows it better than me -.- even though she isn't interested in the World Cup at all, which proves my point: this method works)

So, here's what I did:

Group A:
South Africa

The country code for South Africa is RSA. I re-arranged the order and came up with the acronym RUMF. Rum with an f. You can re-arrange each group to suit your associations and whatever language you speak.

Group B:
South Korea

GANS is my acronym (stands for Goose in German) and another handy helper: this group reflects four continents (which not all of them do). There are several teams beginning with S (Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia) so I had to find something to link South Korea to Group B. That's my link.

Group C:

Came up with AUSE. Doesn't really mean anything except a slang version of "get out" in German. Another link is that I know England plays the USA so I already know two out of the four before even having to think. Slovenia goes with England (both have "n"s ) and Algeria has an "e", same as England.

Group D:

Gas with a stutter: GGAS. Not too many countries that begin with "G", so Germany and Ghana easy enough to remember. Australia because lots of Germans immigrate to Australia (hell, they go everywhere) and Serbia because......because.......I am sure some Serbian player plays in the German Bundesliga. There. Got it.

Groups E-H tomorrow. I really should pay attention to my lecture.

Photo of Fernando Torres, Spain and Ibrahim Uzulmez, Turkey by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

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