May 28, 2010

Two completely unrelated blog posts that I like very much

One is about to be or not to be a writer by Jane Friedman. Its lovely and very calming actually. In a nutshell: its not really about the writing, its about the attitude. You have to be a long-distance runner.

By Torie Bosch on Slate, Brow Beat looks at the odd new trend of down-and-out-celebrities (or as I call them: why are they famous? people) to parody themselves on funny or die, in the hope of, dunno, passing the time?

Making it seem ok to be less talented than a Barbie doll or a raving smack chick with the last smidgen of talent she possessed drowned in binge drinking; rather depressing really. Kind of appalled at Will Ferrell, creator of funny or die: is he that hard up for comedy? Cause that shit ain't funny.

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