May 13, 2010

my experiment: brown to blonde

Do blondes have more fun? I don't know yet as I just dyed my hair on Friday.

Having a bit of an identity crisis. I see a reflection of myself in some window and I think: holy fuck. What have I done? Although, to be fair, it worked out better this time around. Last time, like 20 years ago, I was into the "I want to be Madonna" phase. The DIY job was not successful. Hair: consistency of cotton balls. Color: not good. Only solution: a semi Britney Spears, so I ended up looking decidedly not like Madonna, all cutsie and prancing about in blue ruffles a la "Papa don't Preach", but like Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner.

This time is turned out better, mainly because I had a lovely hairdresser called Jenny do it.

Not sure about the "more fun" thing, but blondes definitely have more work. If you don't put on gobs of make up, then you - no - correction, I look like a washed out towel. You know, one thats lost all its fluffiness and is kinda gray; yeah, that's what I look like. And I really hate wearing make up.

Oh well. See how long before my brown-haired soul demands satisfaction.

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