May 19, 2010

Lakers eclipse the Suns. Can the Suns come out from behind in Game Two?

Tonight Game Two Suns vs Lakers

After re-watching the fourth quarter of game one, my hopes for a Suns victory this evening aren't exactly buoyant.

Has Phil Jackson's little foray into the political arena (voicing his endorsement of the draconian nazi-like "papers please" law recently passed in Arizona, the Suns' home state) had its effect of un-nerving the stoic Suns? Granted, one may assume one of the greatest coaches around used that tactic to cloud the Suns' vision. Judging by that last quarter, and ultimately, the final result, it worked. 128-107 for the Lakers.

The Lakers used up all the Suns' rays to shine so bright, it was blinding. Kobe Bryant and his sidekick Pau Gasol scored a combined 59 points, with Kobe racking up 20 of those points in the 3rd quarter alone.

Overall, the Suns put on a decent performance. But they need a pretty powerful plug to stop the Bryant-Gasol point gushers. Plus Shannon Brown with one of the best missed-dunks ever needs to be watched. Channeling Michael Jordan. Channeling Michael Jordan.

It ain't over till its over. Go Suns!

Pic of the flying Brown courtesy of the LA Times

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