May 18, 2010

Dog lovers and odd people: you'll love this book

I was watching "Smart People" the other day and as there was some decent dialogue, I looked it up on imdb. One of the reviews drew comparisons to "The Accidental Tourist", a film I saw a long time ago and absolutely loved. The commentary mentioned the author of the book and how great the writing was. Anne Tyler.

The story is about a lonely kinda quirky guy, somewhere in his 40's, who knows he wants to change his life but doesn't know how until he meets this crazy girl. She sweeps him off his feet.

I went out to buy the book. James, I think you might like this. Dog lovers and other odd people will like it too. The writing is wonderful.

excerpt from Chapter 6: (Macon needs a dog trainer for his dog, Edward. So he calls on the lady he briefly met at Meow Bow Animal Hospital, Muriel. )

"The point is," Macon said, "I'm really at the end of my rope with Edward here, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me. "

"Sure I can help!"

"Oh, that's wonderful," Macon said.

"I can do anything," Muriel told him. "Search and alert, search and rescue, bombs, narcotics---"


"Guard training, attack training, poison-proofing, kennelosis---"

"Wait, I don't even know what some of those things are," Macon said.

"I can even teach split personality."

"What's a split personality?"

"Where your dog is, like, nice to you but kills all others."

"You know, I think I may be over my head here, " Macon said.

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