April 16, 2010

The nightshift is good for reviewing the day shift and other ways of dealing with insomnia

Its 4:33 AM......and I can't sleep. Which is nothing unusual. I took a walk and looked at the stars (no, no volcano ash cloud to be seen). After that, "Emma" keeps me company during a lovely hot bubble bath.

Back in bed watching Sky News, I wonder at the statement: "England and Europe being hit by the largest scale of flight disruption since 9/11. " Isn't England technically a part of Europe? Yeah.......no. The Brits see themselves as the sword in the stone. Or something. No Master and Commander anymore yet the attitude lingers on. I'm not implying each individual person from England thinks that (and I know some really awesome Brits....you know who you are ; ), but one sure gets the impression of superiority from some of the news channels. And from ex-pat nob professors, who's contribution to society is wearing a tweed jacket and speaking the Queen's English with a decidedly nasal twang.

It pisses me off no end that I am getting a hard time because I'm from the States. This guy is insisting I participate in a class called integrated language study skills 1. Its mandatory that I pass the exam for my BA however there are accepted rules in place for native speakers ie me. So why is this would-be butler from hell making me participate in a class where the word "substantial" is considered new vocabulary? This class requires 3 hours a week of my time. And its utterly wasted time. Bloody bigoted racist bastard.

Right. 'Nuff said on that topic. Whats much more important: three things I want to remember from today.....err...yesterday:

A new book on Obama: NY Times book review featured "The Bridge" by "David Remnick, in this exhaustively researched life of Obama before he became president", giving insight into the type of person Obama was growing up, going to school and entering politics. This is a guy who grew up as a white guy pretty much. And he exposed himself to his black inheritance through books and his choice of places to live. Sounds cool and should be mandatory reading for all tea party people.

Alice Waters owns a restaurant in Northern California called Chez Panisse. She is a proponent of slow food. Her definition is not what you might think. Its not about preparing lavish meals, its about realizing where food comes from. In her opinion, eating a fresh peach off the tree is an essential experience to understanding that. I listened to her on Real Time with Bill Maher. She sounds like a lovely lady. A bit odd, but she's got a point about fresh food. My mom once told me a story about how she came to love eating fresh tomatoes: when she was a little girl, she planted seeds in the garden. The tomatoes thrived and ripened, and were the tastiest thing my mom ever had up until then. My take: buy local, buy whats in season, grow something. (ok, I'm not going to grow anything but I may be inclined to at least buy some fresh potted herbs and put them on the windowsill)

The third thing I shall remember is the name of Green Day lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, who also appeared on the Real Time episode I listened to. He explained how to use a gravity bong. Something about submerging an empty gallon bottle into a bucket and turning it upside down, then it fills with smoke........err.......sounds interesting. Not that I'd ever try that....but I have been inspired to go to a Green Day concert. Billie Joe Armstrong is cool.

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