April 15, 2010

I'm concerned on a number of levels.......

I am concerned about a lot of things on a number of levels........no, actually, not true. I am concerned about things solely on the code purple crisis level. That means things are causing me distress.

- I am concerned about the fact that I am finding it extremely difficult to not eat chocolate
- I am concerned about the fact that the NBC nightly news freaks me out. Is that unbiased journalism?
- I am concerned that the voice of the insane is heard louder than the voices of reason.
- I am concerned that I am not devoting enough time to the really important stuff
- I am concerned because everything I do is important and there's just not enough time therefore have resorted to a hand-wringing ear-quivering red-eyed rabbit type.

Which is a nice segue way to the content below. To avoid high concentrations of purple crisis levels, or rather, sucked into the cyber chapter&verse scoop score whats whats whole story wisdom words collection, ( damn rabbit hole hyperlinks ), one must:

- decide whats important ie prioritize. Its not that you have to give up interesting things, you just need to organize, make a plan and maybe push back on a few things, doing some stuff later, other stuff sooner.
- immerse yourself in the good (obviously an individual extrapolation of data)
- avoid the bad, mind-numbing crap at all costs. You'll feel better for it. Leaves your head clean and free to soak up what is nourishing for you. (do I sound all new age? God, I hope not)

So, here.......some wise words from Seth Godin

Expose yourself... With so many options in media, interaction and venues, you now get to choose what you expose yourself to.

Expose yourself to art, and you'll come to appreciate it and aspire to make it.

Expose yourself to anonymous scathing critics and you will begin to believe them (or flinch in anticipation of their next appearance.)

Expose yourself to get-rich-quick stories and you'll want to become one.

Expose yourself to fast food ads and you'll crave french fries.

Expose yourself to angry mobs of uninformed, easily manipulated protesters and you'll want to join a mob.
[have to disagree on this point: it just makes me angry that there are so many bloody stupid people out there]

Expose yourself to anger and you might get angry too.

Expose yourself to people making smart decisions and you'll probably learn how to do it as well.

Expose yourself to eager long-term investors (of every kind) and you'll likely to start making what they want to support.
It's a choice if you want it to be.
Some of my "expose yourself to..." advice:

expose yourself to cool people and you will find the fountain of life (true story)

expose yourself to dumbass morons and you will waste your time going apeshit over the bottomless pit of stupid ie circumvent at all costs.

expose yourself to podcasts . They're awesome.

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