March 19, 2010

grim law

Its Friday and so far hasn't been such a great day. And the loose pebble that sank the ship is the number 5. The grading system over here is 1 through 5, 1 being an A, a 5, obviously, an F. Another 5 has been added to my collection. The second fail on the same subject. Doubly depressing. History of English. Oh man.

I know, in the bigger scale of things, its not a drip. Nor a grain of sand. The scales of importance won't even waiver. Nevertheless, I'm finding it extremely depressing at the moment. My mind doesn't work on an analytical basis. It works on a intuitive basis therefore has immense difficulties getting itself around why an "e" changed into an "ae" during the great vowel shift that nobody except analities of geekdom care about. Or what the hell Grimm's law is. I take no pleasure in knowing about voiceless fricatives vs voiced fricatives. Hell, I still don't even know what a fricative is except that it reminds me of something to eat.


And yes, I am acting like a baby and feeling sorry for myself. Shoot me. No. Wait, don't. I may change my mind.

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