February 18, 2010

The awesomeness of libraries

Its been almost a month since my last post (do I sound like Robinson Crusoe?) No, actually, I sound more like ......err.....somebody.......I forget.......but don't worry......I shall remember.

Now, I haven't been lazy or anything. I've just been doing my Winter Semester exams. Plus dealing with all the other various things that accompany life - going to see the principal of Max's school 'cause his report card isn't exactly stellar. In fact, its more like anti-matter. A fail in Italian (no surprise) and a fail in.......Geography. Hello??? How can you get a fail in geography? He has been to no less than 10 countries, been traveling since he was 5 years old! Really, its almost funny. I mean, it is funny. (honestly, I needn't wonder why he disregards my ultimatums that I pose at various intervals with varying degrees of punishment which I revoke after a quarter of the allotted time has passed......I am such a sucker) Well, there we were, sitting around the table with the Principal giving it good to Max. A well-mannered concise tirade. My presence was only required as a witness. Its fun being the witness as opposed to having to do the ranting myself. Why is it, that boys tend to listen to male ranters rather than their moms? Very unfair. And sexism is alive and well.

Anyways, so, I have been spending a lot of time in the library. Currently, I am sitting across from one of my peers, Fabian, boy genius. He is super smart and is bi-lingual like me. Which is great! So, he is my partner in library crime. There are a few rooms where one can spread out and actually talk. Unfortunately, one of the prized spaces is being occupied by some creepy older dude. We walked in there yesterday morning, in the hopes of kinda encroaching him out. He turned the tables on us and stared us out.

"I will tolerate no speaking in here. This is a room for study" Because I dared to utter, in a whisper, to Fabian.

Um, hello?? You old ugly geezer....... just wait till I get there first. Then you'll be up shits creek. You douche. Besides, next week Eva is coming, then we'll be three against one. No chance.

As I was on my way to the restroom, I peaked to see if he was there. Only his stuff was there. I had a good mind to dump all his papers on the floor. Or better yet, leave a doggie turd right on his papers. I think I am going to have to engage in infantile activities to satisfy my inner petty meanness.

So, yes, here we are. I am not doing much studying, just wandering around looking at all the amazing books. The World of Washington Irving. Studies in Contemporary Fiction. All of Edgar Allen Poe's books........well, you can imagine, its just a treasure chest. I love it. Its quiet (which I normally hate) but we whisper about things and plus we can facebook chat if we have something important to discuss.

So, I have not been very productive yet today........but I do have my schedule together for the summer semester - all tentative as a lot hinges on the fact if I am allowed to take two courses simultaneously (against the rules) but I am playing the native speaker card in an attempt to accelerate my studies. Max is finished with school next year. I gotta be almost finished by then too.....cause then we are moving back to the States. Or somewhere. Dunno. Maybe a farm in Africa? Nah......kidding. Provence. Or Tuscany. Somewhere where there's internet will do me and sunshine and a beach near by.

I sat six exams this past month, passed four of them. Which means first week of March I have three exams to do. One of them a repeat performance. Yep, those old English texts did me in.

Ye goo to Caunterbury - God yow speede,
The blisful martir quite yow youre meede!
And wel I woot, as ye goon by the weye,
Ye shapen yow to talen and to pleye;
For trewely, confort ne myrthe is noon
To ride by the weye doumb as a stoon

Actually, its Middle English - the intro to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The Old English has a bunch of symbols my computer knows not.

Whatever. Friday night is vodka night. Yep.


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