December 30, 2009

some of the favorite things......movies......Part II

Best movies of the decade continues with 2004 and 2005.

The Year 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry's second feature film. With Glazer, an icon in the promo industry long before his first feature film. The title says it all: sunshine all the time will blind you. You need light and dark in your life. Jim Carrey for once not annoying and Kate Winslet as the girl with the purple hair. Lovely)

Millions (From director Danny Boyle. A five - year old boy finds a bag filled with pounds just a few days before the money currency is changed to euros. See the world through a child's eyes. Danny Boyle weaves a spell of innocence.)

Supersize Me (game changer for Morgan Spurlock and for us. An entertaining reveal of the eating habits of Americans. Why are we so fat again?)

Vanity Fair (Reese Witherspoon as Becky Sharp ascending the social ladder in Victorian England. I hadn't read the book, so my excuse for naming this movie is that I enjoyed it even though it was a bit clunky and character-confusion kept you on your toes. )

Shaun of the Dead (I haven't seen this movie but so many others have listed this film as one the best in its genre, I'll add it and make a point of watching it. Besides, Simon Pegg is great, so is Edgar Wright who shares the screenplay credits with Pegg and directed it. )

Finding Neverland (Backround to author J.M. Barrie's inspiration for his Peter Pan creation. Every minute of this movie is lovely and stands the test of time. Thats the true test. Its magic. Oh, and quite sad at the end)

Layer Cake ( spotlighted Daniel Craig on the map of actors with potential and layers. A type of Goodfellas meets Reservoir Dogs. Matthew Vaughn, who produced the early Guy Ritchie movies, directs. And does a pretty decent job. I consider this one the classic ultra cool British gangsta flicks)

The Year 2005

Batman Begins (the revival of the Batman franchise with a vengeance and multi-faceted Christian Bale. Christopher Nolan can do it all )

Broken Flowers (also the year of Wedding Crashers, the Island, and Dukes of Hazzard, so I personally was pleased with this small quiet film. Bill Murray.)

Capote (we all know the obsession Capote developed with Perry Smith, the murderer of a Kansas family. Philip Seymour Hoffman genius, won an oscar. An honorable mention to that other Capote film - Infamous - with Daniel Craig and Toby Jones as Capote. Released a year later, did not get as much attention unfortunately. Great on all levels.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (directed by Shane Black, responsible for the scripts of Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scount, The Long Kiss Goodnight. With KKBB, Black delivers his famous one-liners and overall speedy dialogue. Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr. An entertaining movie that sustains multiple watchings and definitely resurrected RDJ into the mainstream again. )

In Her Shoes (not a great film, but I found Cameron Diaz and Tony Colette and Shirley Maclaine fit the shoes nicely. Curtis Hanson brings a subtle performance from Diaz. He mixes the best she's got and shows competent layered acting)

Thank You for Smoking Aaron Eckhart as Big Tobacco's chief spokesman, Nick Naylor is wicked. His balance of spin and role model to his son is fun to the end. Jason Reitman's first feature film. A clever script, great cast and impeccable comedic timing. Love this.

An addendum to my 2002 collection. I only just saw this film two nights ago and I was so impressed I am adding it to my favorites of the decade.

An Italian Wedding (2002) (an Australian/Italian co-production. A little bit of Cyrano de Bergerac, but Rosetta, who travels to Australia to meet Angelo, realizes the brother she's married to by proxy, is Angelo. But the picture she fell in love with and wrote an whole history about on her long journey is Gino. An incredibly charming story told with a frankness that is fresh as roses. A handsome brother who claims he is shallow and bad, a less handsome brother, who is kind and smart. Angelo. Not your typical resolve. Not earthshattering. But just very very sweet)

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