December 25, 2009

I am bored in space

Christmas Day evening. Had enough of turkey and stuffing. Am stuffed actually. Watched three episodes of the Tudors (premiere - Max parted with my hard-earned cash to give me a present) Watched the Pope being tackled on a loop (courtesy of Sky News) Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream (Colin Smoulder Farrel was excellent), Singing in the Rain, Body of Lies (love this movie and Di Caprio in it. Severely underrated) and something else. Cabaret? Nim's Island? The Barefoot Contessa? I think my butt has connected with the chair Na'vi style.

Enough of holidays. Time to get back to work tomorrow. The problem with Christmas encroachment from November 1st, is that you are sick of it by the time the day arrives. I used to love Christmas and all things Christmas. Now, well, I just wanna puke. The family thing is bearable, has its merits I suppose. I got to kiss Max on the cheek and the smell of the turkey drifting through the house is mouth-watering. But now - done.

Besides, we have like 500 various cookies and at least three kilos of chocolate in various shapes and forms. Me and chocolate.......not good. Especially since I've got a photo shoot next weekend. And I gotta lose like 3 kilos till then. I think I need to staple my mouth shut.

Next year, I wanna be on some island in the sun.

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