December 31, 2009

best movies of the decade.......Part III...2006-2009

The final in my prolific series of movies that I loved this decade. And I highly recommend them to anyone reading this. reviews aren't really prolific, but the films are.....true story.

The Year 2006

The Devil Wears Prada (definitely and without a doubt the best chick flick of the decade. Meryl Streep returns after a long absence. Divine. Wonderful. Sublime. Thats all. Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway and "Vincent Chase" nice too. In matters of true importance, style not sincerity is vital. Crucial here, there is substance inside the handbags and coats. )

Idiocracy (reason this is on the list: its not science fiction. The future is upon us. Visions of that deep rabbit hole charading as brains as a pervasive pandemic. Mandatory viewing. )

The Departed (yeah, we all know about this one. Using "Gimme Shelter" is reason enough for it to make the list. Despite the fact that it won lots of oscars. Deservedly so. One of DiCaprio's most intense and claustrophobic performances. Stellar all around. )

Stranger Than Fiction - What Eternal Sunshine was for Jim Carrey, this was for Will Farrel. Emma Thompson in the league of Meryl Streep of luminousity. And I can totally relate to not wanting to go outside. Best quote: where do you find the people who are definitely going to die?)

Children of Men ( I think I am just adding this cause its on so many others list - besides there is a loong one-shot take in there that's friggin brilliant. Notice the blood splashes on the lens......thats where it cuts)

Notes of a Scandal ( Judy Dench: freaky, weird, creepy ie bloody brilliant!)

The Year 2007

Bridge to Terabithia (lonely kids find each other, experience comfort and let their fantasies loose. And learning to deal with the unbelieveable grief of loss. A film for everybody. Sooo uplifting. Then soo sad. One of the best movies I have seen)

Waitress (as sweet and odd as the pies she serves )

Zodiac (its long, its intense, its David Fincher. Belongs right up there with Se7en)

Hot Fuzz (Simon Pegg again. Saw this film about 19 times. And laughed every time. You like black humour? You'll love this. )

Talk to Me (Don Cheadle as the infamous Petey Smith. A look back to the time when Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. Funny, moving, sad, and great. The other guy whos name I will never remember is in it too. )

Ratatouille (hey, any movie that stars a rat gets my vote. )

Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg. Viggo Mortenson and Naomi Watts. Russians mobsters are mean. Or is that a Mafia thing in general? )

The Jane Austen Book Club (second best chick flick of the decade that I've seen after Devil. Inspiring. Makes you want to found a book club. And Hugh whats it is sooooo cute)

No Country for Old Men (arresting. Arrested. Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem (even with a retarded hair cut) a break out film for him )

Charlie Wilson's War ( A lesson in very recent history with some cutting dialogue brought to you by Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman. You wanna understand Afghanistan and laugh? Watch this. Then you'll just cry. Based on a true story)

Casino Royale (game changer for the Bond franchise. Daniel Craig brings brains, brawn and heart to the role. awesome.)

NB: damn. 2007 was a great year for movies.

The Year 2008

In Bruges ("if I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me". Colin Farrell, Brendon Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes. Excellent. philosophical, dark, bitterness, regret humour, completely un-pc. )

Slumdog Millionaire - won oscars. Danny Boyle. Game changer for the slum kids. For the better I hope.

The Year 2009

Where the Wild Things Are - Spike Jonze makes a movie thats sweet weird as opposed to weird weird. For kids. For me. You. Everyone. (this years Bridge to Terabithia)

Inglorious Basterds - brought only in Austria and Germany known actor to the World stage. Hey, gotta give Tarantino credit for that. Christoph Waltz. Game changer for him.

The Hangover - really. yes really. The funniest buddy and puke movie EVER.

Sunshine Cleaning (My favorite so-called Indy movie of the year. Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Alan Arkin. No, not a reprieve of Little Miss Sunshine. Much better. )

This Is It (as far as documentaries goes, and as far as michael jackson goes, This was It. Thats why it deserves an honor. )

Avatar (has to be mentioned I suppose. Will have impact on the future of 3Dism. And we have to think of a new word for fx. this isn't fx anymore. Its creationism. The story on a retard level though. )

There are so many movies I haven't seen and many for this year that haven't been released yet over here. But, yeah, this is it. Movies that have made me laugh, cry, think and be amazed. Movie magic. Its the best.

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