November 29, 2009

Paranormally awful

Paranormal Activity. If you want to see the film, don't read on. The less you know, and you are susceptible to creaking noises and thumping footsteps, you might be scared. I mean, I can see how some might be scared. I think. Maybe. Possibly.

I fell asleep. Kidding. I didn't fall asleep but I was tempted. The acting was so excruciatingly bad, I couldn't get past that. The girl was annoying as hell. Micah was pretty obnoxious as well.

I am not a horror fan. I did not find it scary. In hindsight, its actually funny. Without the sound fx, it would have been 90% just watching this couple sleep in an ugly bed.

I think, really, "paranormal activity" occurred due to extremely horrid furniture.

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