November 10, 2009

one and a half-line film reviews because for the most part, they aren't worth more than that.

I have seen The Informant! and Lone Star this past weekend. Oh, and on the movie channel, The Bank Job.

One and a half line reviews:

The Informant! US, 2009. Steven Soderbergh: why the exclamation mark? Dull and pompously self-indulgent. We know big corporations are corrupt. But so was the guy who pointed that out.

Lone Star, US, 1996. John Sayles: The somniferous school of filmmaking or struggling to maintain consciousness. And I don't care if this is supposed to be a must-see. It was god-awful.

The Bank Job: GB, 2008: British members of government seem to have a penchant for S&M and the villans are just cool. Pretty damn good film therefore worth a watch.

Oh, and Max, my 17-year old son, went to see Anti-Christ before I did! (is he even allowed to go see it?) I squeezed the ending out of him. Ha! Still want to go see it.

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