November 6, 2009

Its all about the bubbles and you can buy Almdudler in LA

John Nese owns a Soda pop store in Los Angeles. My attention was brought to this guy by Seth Godin's blog newsletter, who linked up to another guy who had a 12 minutes mini type documentary on his blog, about John and his passion. Its such a sweet experience to watch him, I even managed the whole 12 minutes. And it was worth it.

On a business strategy level, its a prime example of "if you love what you do, you'll be successful". But this guy is neither really strategical nor manipulative when he pitches his products. You can tell he just believes in what he does, what he sells with all his heart. Mixed in with all that, is common sense, environmental consciousness, a sense of healthy, a community thinker. There is no greed or hypocrisy. Sure Mr. Nese has business acumen, after all, he wants to make a living. But its not at the forefront. His sense of honesty prevails throughout and its just lovely to watch. And, of course, makes you want to immediately go out and visit his store. Maybe try the rose petal soda pop from Rumania.

He carries pretty much only organically-made brands, from small family businesses, from all around the US and the World. And all in re-usable glass bottles.

He points out the practices of huge corporations, the abberation of recyclable bottles and the virtues of good old-fashion glass and sugar. Not corn syrup, but sugar. Very enlightening.

PS He even has Almdudler, which is a soft drink made in Austria. Funny, that....

INGREDIENTS: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Caramel and Natural Flavours. "Contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients." Austrians, rejoice that you can purchase this drink for the equivalent of 70 cents.

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