November 11, 2009

Fashion Engagement - its sweet - and jeans can have boyfriends if you don't

Because I received a lovely comment yesterday in regards to my last post on the "fashion engagement" series, its induced me to actually complete the series. And since we need clothes underneath those coats and jackets, shawls and shades (unless you are pulling a "Sea of Love" Ellen Barkin trench coat with nothing underneath in the grocery store thing with your very own Al Pacino), here my thoughts on the following:

Jeans: they don’t have to be the $200 per pair. Having said that, it will take a bit more shopping around to find a great pair that fits and are cheap. It’s possible. Just takes time.

Since I have owned about every brand known to man and woman-kind, I can now safely say that Diesel will always have a pair that fit great. And recently, Levi's is back. The boyfriend fit, as its now called. Very comfy they are and super cool. Hey, I figure, if I don't have a boyfriend, at least my jeans do.

Finding great jeans is a tedious undertaking. Getting all undressed in a hot dressing room, looking yourself in the mirror and realizing you have cellulite.... just horribly depressing. Makes me stop off at the next Burgerking because I figure it’s a hopeless case anyways.

(Don't despair! Lighting is most dressing rooms is the worst. Which seems counterproductive to me. Top light will make anyone look bad. I have never understood that phenomenon. Shops would sell a lot more clothes if they had soft even lighting. )

Nevertheless, its worth the effort trying all kinds, finding the brand that works for you. And sticking with it, if you are in a hurry. 'Cause you'll know, they will fit.

Skirts: Skirts should never ever be longer than knee-length. Anything longer is for old ladies. And I’m pretty sure that applies to everyone out there. And whether it’s a-line, or a pencil skirt, or a bubble skirt, well, it really depends what you wear with it to pull off a certain look convincingly. Let’s put it this way: a full skirt only works with a jacket. Slim fitting skirts look nice with slim-fitting coats. Again, you have to find the right proportions.

And if you live in a warm climate, well, you have less to worry about.

Dresses: Does anyone wear dresses? I mean, besides at weddings? All I can say to the dress factor: so far, the ones I’ve bought that aren’t black have yet to be worn. Every time I buy something pink (does that pretty-in-pink bug get everyone, or is it only me?) it’s never made it past my front porch.

Finding an awesome dress seems to take more effort. It means getting completely undressed whereas with skirts, I often get away with just pulling them over my jeans thereby avoiding the changing room queue. (I really, really hate queues.)

Having said that, I do make the effort if I stumble upon a dress that looks irresistible. That usually happens when window-shopping.

What I am trying to say here is this: keep your eyes open. And if you find a dress that is awesome for you, buy it. But keep the tags on. My friend Elissa taught me that. The sparkle may wear off once you’ve tried it on in the sobriety of your own living room.

Kate Moss pic courtesy of this link. She is just soooo cool. Plus I saw a leopard lady today on the tube and this pic is my dedication to the anonymous leopard lady who wore it awesomely well.

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