October 10, 2009

Fashion Engagement - its sweet - and its getting cold

Right. The leaves are turning, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. And although here in Central Europe, we've had a fantastic Indian summer, the days are getting chilly and its time to think about getting those coats and jackets out.

If you can't afford a new jacket or coat, then check out what you have and maybe think about having a coat shortened, to make it into a car coat (is that a term from the 60's? maybe, but its appropriate) Thats what I did. I have this white coat, and I took it to the tailors, and now its a jacket. For 20 € I now own a totally new jacket. Neat & cheap trick.

Heres my general take on coats and jackets when wearing/pairing them with jeans or skirts:

Jackets/Coats: I am a coat and jacket junkie. I love coats and jackets. Like seriously. Hardcore.

As far as style goes – I prefer fitted coats and jackets. Just seem to be more flattering and gives you a pulled together look. Not such a fan of the Jackie O form. And the ¾ length sleeves. But well, that’s just me. Overlong sleeves I find more flattering.

When it comes to the length, I stick to shorter coats usually. Definitely no longer than just below the knee. Most of my coats are shorter since I mostly wear jeans and when I wear the occasional skirt, they’re short skirts. I like my coats to cover any dress or skirt I might wear.

It’s about proportion. You wear baggy pants, the top half has to be streamlined. Knee length skirt with high heels? You can afford a coat that grazes or goes slightly below the knees.

You wear skinny jeans, the coat or jacket has to be skinny too. Well, unless you dig the marshmallow on stilts look.

And even though the jackets and coats shown here are from Prada, Chloe, MiuMiu and someone else I forget, you can get these styles for a fraction of the cost at your favorite High Street store - H&M, Top Shop etc. And again, look in your closet. Support your local tailors. Or do it yourself. Although you have to be pretty damn good to alter a coat. So be careful.


The Rejection Room said...

Marshmallow on stilts...hee hee!

I like this idea. I will consider having old coats tailored--certainly better than buying new ones each year and ending up with closet of not-quite-right ones.

Tatiana Lensky said...

exactly! I have one lovely Vivenne Westwood coat, that I've had shortened once already. And now, for the second time, adjusting to my student-type warderobe (which goes well with a student-y budget)

I really appreciate the comment and you taking the time reading my post. There is soooooo much out there, and well, you made my day. ; ) And will finish my series on "fashion engagement"