October 3, 2009

Fashion Engagement - its sweet - and I really hate accessories except for shades and shawls.

Actually, accessories are really necessities....how can you live a life without a shawl and sunglasses? You can't. Its simply impossible.

So, beautiful day outside, like Sunshine Cleaning Awesome Southern California weather. Not only in LA are shades an integral part of surviving. And well, in some parts of the world, due to Global warming and stuff....you'll need to get yourself a pair. Or several.

And what looks better than shades? Shades and a shawl.

My third installment of my fashion rules of engagement - my take on the accessory/its really a necessity front. (bags don´t count, they are not an accessory - they are a statement, a way of life)

Shades: another accessory that falls into the ‘can never have enough’. You can wear the same sneakers, jeans and top – like 365 days of the year – and just change the sunglasses and look like an awesome chick. All the time. Plus it works for all ages. Hides wrinkles, shadows, late nights, early mornings......and you don´t even need a resident make-up artist.

Shawls: You can never have enough shawls. Same coat or jacket – just change shawls. Sure, nice to go for cashmere every time but you can find cheap wool shawls that work just as well. May not have the longevity of a cashmere shawl but then again, you won’t cry as much if moths have yours for dinner.

Or knit. Yes, you heard me - knit. Its really easy. And believe me, if I can do it, then anyone can. Its fun. You can actually watch your favorite tv show and do something toward establishing an awesome shawl collection at the same time. True story. I've done it. In fact, I have managed to knit several shawls. You know what? I have inspired myself to go out and buy some wool and knit my winter 2009/2010 creation. Color? Hmmmmmm................grey.

Jewelry: I have a somewhat ambiguous relationship with jewelry. Think it’s because of that 80’s phase when I wore like 5 earrings at once – on each ear.

So now I’ve progressed to that other extreme - That’s a one piece rule. Which means one piece of jewelry at a time. And I don’t care if Heidi Klum tells you differently. And all those other wannabe-designer-semi-celebrity types who design, for the most part, the ugliest crap. It’s either a necklace or a bracelet. Or a watch. Or earrings. Or a ring. Simple.

And no, I am not a believer that diamonds are a girls best friend. Awesome bags are a girls best friend. And shoes, but for me, to a lesser extent. Hey, but thats just me. Beautiful shoes can be painful.....and I am a creature of comfort. And I don´t have a chauffeur.

more on bags.......next time. Or the time after that......have to think about it.

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