September 4, 2009

Where the Wild things are

I bought the childrens book about 12 years ago. To read to Max. We liked this story a lot. Don´t quite recall why I bought it, but I reckon because the hero's name is Max. Like my Max.

Spike Jonze and bringing it to the screen - article in the NY Times - tells us more than that specific adventure, giving us in addition a condensed version of his life. Well, short in memoir terms - it goes over 7 pages. But its good. I know this guy too - from advertising. I don´t know him personally, I just remember drooling over his show reel and showing his reel to the creative team which made them drool too. Yeah, he ranks way up there as the cool dude you want to make your sometimes not so cool ads. Cherry picker. Think that guy must have gotten at least 100 ad scripts on his producers desk each and everyday. Hey, just getting a call back from his producer was like HUGE.

I thought "Being John Malkovich" was a bit weird, but then again, I never saw the whole thing from back to front. Or front to back. I only remember Cameron Diaz having a bad wig day in that movie.

Oh, please go watch this movie. I think it might be worth it. Its our duty as independent thinkers to support weird people making weird movies.

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