September 6, 2009

What I am reading.........

The Widows of Eastwick by John Updike. It was his last book. Prior to this, I've never read any of his works. I did see the movie, directed by Australian filmmaker George Miller, The Witches of Eastwick, which I absolutely loved. Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, Jack Nicholson.

This quote (Cher's character Alexandra Medford says to Jack's Darryl Van Horne:

"I think... no, I am positive... that you are the most unattractive man I have ever met in my entire life. You know, in the short time we've been together, you have demonstrated EVERY loathsome characteristic of the male personality and even discovered a few new ones. You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, you're morally reprehensible, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, stupid, you have no taste, a lousy sense of humor and you smell. You're not even interesting enough to make me sick. "

So this book is a continuation........a few years down the line.

The plot (taken from the back flap)

"After traveling the world to exotic lands, Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie - now widowed but still witches - return to the Rhode Island seaside town of Eastwick, site of their enchated mischief more than three decades ago. Diabolical Darryl Van Horne is gone, and what was once a center of license and liberation is now a "haven of wholesemoness" populated by hockey moms and househusbands acting out against the old ways of their own absent, experimenting parents. With spirits still willing but flesh weaker, the three women must confront a powerful new counterspell of conformity. "

Me - currently on page 88, the girls are in China. Think its safe to say, its captivating enough to read on.

Might have to leave it for the new few days, though, as my history exams looms.......Friday.
Napoleon is on the battlefield. And the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And the Industrial Revolution (which, is like, soooooo dull) all the way to WWI and Lenin. Oops.....gotta run!

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