September 9, 2009

September 9th, 2009

three times my lucky number.

And, actually, I made the most of this day. The alarm buzzed, beeped and vibrated at 6.25 AM. (I am so not used to getting up this early) The weather has been lovely, but a bit nippy in the morning, meaning a shawl and sweater, two tees are essential. Although skirt and boots were laid out from a braver mindset of the night before, the cold reality of early

I hate freezing. Its different if you just get into a car - then you can dress differently ie not worry so much about the short distance from house door to car door. But if you ride your bike, as I, beacon of environmentally consciousness, do, the thought of a chilling breeze blowing up my skirt was not appealing. Don´t you find that often, you have more or less resistance against the cold? Sometimes, I don´t mind suffering to wear a skirt. But today, well, comfort and warmth won the toss.

Reason for getting up so early? Going with Max to the lab. He needed a blood test to determine if he is eligible for a special med against acne. Ciscutan. Of course, I looked it up, and there are forums of teens taking this med. I think its some sort of hormone. Must tell Max, in case he wants to share his experience.

Blood letting efficiently quick. He headed off to school. I headed for a coffee. 10 past 8 - no admissions office open yet at uni. So went to my local Starbucks. Decaf Soy latte. Downloaded my podcasts. And with Keith Olbermann blaring and ranting about Glenn Beck (I love that - its so liberating to have someone rant so eloquently for one) I headed to uni. Admissions office then to the English institute to help me piece together the puzzle that is uni. So damn complicated. Units, points, deciding on a minor. Sheesh.

After that strolled through the city, enjoying the lovely late summer weather. Peeling off the layers as I went along. Well, my sweater and shawl.

Late afternoon, I went for a run. Have been each day now since my therapist recommended it. To de-stress. And have been doing a lot less surfing. Am just chilling. Taking it easy on the computer. And the sky was so beautiful. It was warm. While running, the thought process on what Max told me lead me to mentally write an email to Max's best friend.

So, when I got home, I did. I wrote an email to Max's friend. Because he failed his two exams and probably has to change schools. For some reason, that made me incredibly sad. Most likely he thinks I am a weirdo. I mean, here I write him, out of the blue, the mom of his best friend, trying to find some comforting words. I suggested watching Obama's speech for the US school kids. Geez, I would be accused of indoctrination were I a high-profile figure. But I´m not, so I can. Besides, the speech was inspiring.

Oh, caught a bit of "My Blueberry Nights". Wong Kar Wai. Such luscious cinematography. And production design. Just ripe and dripping with color and visual dexterity. Stunning. Story I don´t have much to say, although seemed a bit long-winded, or rather maybe a bit thin on the story side. Maybe more of an allegory. Saw the beginning with Jude Law. A bit with Natalie Portman. Then the end again, when the girl ends up with the guy.

OMG - I am smoking less. And I don´t even want to smoke less. But somehow, it is just happening. A half a pack a day. Damn. Must amend. I like smoking. I don´t want to quit.

Yeah, that was my day. 09/09/09. Now, I am tired. I am going to snuggle under the covers and watch Conan and then the Nightly News. And fall asleep.

Tomorrow some studying for my next exam.

And then I going to read my book in the park.

And then I am going to think. Been doing much of that lately.


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