September 1, 2009

Hotel Love House and laughs

"Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a real treat." - Joanne Woodward

ok - lets remember, she was married to Paul Newman. So the wearing thin of sexiness and beauty? Hmm.....not quite buying into that. Besides, someone who is funny and smart is sexy and beautiful. Nevertheless, I agree with her.

Not that I have been married for any extended length of time to justify an expert opinion. But I have imagination. So I imagine that, yes, being married to someone who makes you laugh is the best. Hell, you don´t have to be married. Having a partner who makes you thats awesome.

The quote jumped right at me while looking for something appropriate to write in my ex-brother-in-law's wedding card (he's getting a different one though, this might not be exactly right......) He is getting married on Saturday. The whole church thing and 200 people plus lavish reception rich-bride-parents-paying do. Luckily, I can retain my immaculate non-wedding-attendance-record as I have an extremely important exam on Saturday. True story.

So, officially, I have not been to any wedding - ever - besides my own. Although that probably should have been the one to skip.

They are soooo overrated. Weddings.

Photo courtesy of moi, taken in Rio de Janeiro. Near the tiled stairs where Snoop Dog shot his promo. Or something. Or was it that other dude? I forget.

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Lily said...

Thanks for the legal blog link! I'm going to check it out now. Isn't it great to have all these blogs to learn from? Just seems like any question I've had, the answer, like in the song from Annie, is only a day away...