September 24, 2009

Fashion Engagement - its sweet, can be cheap if done with care and has no calories

Thank god for the girl in the purple tube skirt, yellow opaque tights and the black floppy hat and that guy in worn clarks, dark brown cords and the cherry red billowing cape. Fashion is awesome. Its like poetry – or dessert – you don’t need it, but it sure makes life sweet.

I love people who do fashion, who wear outrageous stuff and do it with panache. (love that word – reminds me of Maurice Chevalier. He was cool even though he did make Americans think that’s how all French people speak – you know, back in the 50´s).

I used to think there were several fashion sins (um,remind me to elaborate about the 7 deadly fashion sins next time) but really, there’s only one: and that’s being dull. You know the ones – those uninspired sameness types who look at everything with a primitive chimp-like suspicion.

As soon as you step out onto the streets you are going public, as it were. Why would you want to pass up the chance of free advertising? Because essentially, that’s what it is. You have the chance to say something about yourself without having to speak. You are advertising yourself.

I’m not talking about turning everyone into to a “The Devil Wears Prada” type fashion junkie, i.e. wear the latest trends at all costs all at the same time. The result of that would be that the clothes wear you instead of vice verse. Prime victim: Victoria pout-and-posturing Beckham. Kudos to the guy who put her on his worst dressed list.

Choosing your clothes, shoes, bags - what you wear, how you wear it gives us all a chance to make a statement – however meek, however bold. There can be some pitfalls. So I have come up with a few simple rules.

Ok – that’s a lie. It’s not simple at all to find your style, what suits you best and makes you feel comfortable. It takes time, effort and years of trial and error. Flashback back to the 80’s when I was desperately-seeking-Madonna with early Kylie, Pat Benatar and Flashdance mixed in. Bit of an identity crisis that. Oh, and the 90´s Dallas-Dynasty-combo-I-didn’t-intend-to-look-like-my-mom-but-I-did phase.

So, I have learned what works for me: less is more. Yes, I have figured out that no matter how much I admire Vivienne Westwood, understatement is more for me.

And I will try and make this as painless and as easy to follow as possible – you know, reduce the time in purgatory a bit – that insidious state of fashion awfulness some never manage to find their way out of. Dita Van Tesse. What’s up with that chick? She looks like an inmate in a wax museum. I find her the single most irritating celebrity around. Yes, even more than Britney. I mean, yeah, she dresses likes she’s batshit crazy. And she is. Works for me. At least it’s honest.

Everyone has to find their own way. What works for them. What makes them feel confident and comfortable. Yeah, I’m big on comfort which is probably why I never did catch the stiletto bug. Give me a pair of cargo pants and sneakers any day. Luckily, that fits in perfectly with the economic crisis. Looking good has nothing to do with having big bucks to spend.

It’s based entirely on having a fashion sense without being a fashion junkie.

My rules of time.


Ella said...

oh I loved this one! :-) and I'm dying for the rules!
Btw, I just got myself the "confessions of a shopaholic", I figured, since it was your favourite on Kingsella's list, it must be fun. I just started reading it and I like it very much so far. Kisses for the tip, beautiful!!!

Tatiana Lensky said...

thank you! Rules coming up shortly!
oh, and you won my book give away. So after you read your get three other books by Sophie Kinsella.

Maybe we can meet up on the weekend...or whenever you have time! Looking forward!

Ella said...

I won I won!!!!!Yey! That's fantastic as I am almost done with this one, am pretty much at the last pages.
I wanted to write to you about the week-end. I'll be in Munich but what about next one? Do you have any plans? Because I want to already put us on top of list before anything else dares to come in between again.
And I have a new awesome chocolate treatment that you must try on. Do you have time this Friday afternoon, say...around 17:00?
kisses kisses!!!

Ella said...

oh...and I wrote Kinsella with "g"...damn :-)))))