September 28, 2009

Fashion Engagement - its sweet - and all about the hair

So, I proceeding from the top and working my way down.

My rules of engagement for hair:

Hair color: natural. Usually always the best. I mean, why else would you have that hair color? Simple. And fair enough, one goes through phases of trying every color available. I remember once I thought I had to have black hair. You know, for drama. Well, let me tell you, it was quite dramatic when I saw myself on a photograph and it looked as if my eyebrows and eyelashes were missing.

Nature is pretty perfect – as a general rule of thumb. So use that as your guide. Enhancing i.e. highlighting medium brown to light brown hair is ok, but try to avoid the skunk look. Not so good.

The lighter you want to go – all I can say is – let professionals do it unless you want the cotton wool look. I did that once too – bleached my own hair. Ended up having to cut it real short, had to talk myself into the nouvelle vague Jean Seberg look. Difference being she had a cute small nose to go with the gamine look – I didn’t. Or rather don’t. And it wasn’t a pretty sight.

As far as hair style goes, I´ve tried pretty much every style around - from long to ultra short, from permed to a Chinese straightening job, from bob, to fringe, shag hair and I have been through all sorts of torturous procedures.

So, since less is more and long is better for me, I keep it long enough to pull back into a pony tail, middle part or side part. Thats it. Well, except for the bit where my hair isn´t straight, naturally. So, its been kind of necessity for the past years to get a professional blow job. Yeah, with the hair dryer. (my secret wish is to be re-born as an Japanese, with lovely straight heavy black hair)

Instead, air-dried, its kind of a mess. Which works for exactly one day. After that, it just looks like an awful mess. So, if I can afford it, I just have it blow-dried by a professional and that lasts me a week. Besides, if you find a hairdresser, who does a good glossy stick straight blow-dry, then be loyal and ask for a discount. I always do that.

But its worth it - I mean, finding someone who makes your hair look glossy and sleek.

No matter what you wear, if your hair looks nice, short or long, all of you looks nice.


Ella said...

I couldn't agree to you more. But there's one thing long as you don't have any white hairs coming up it's great! I've got soooo many ...especially for my age so without any help at all, I couldn't look myself in the mirror. You know, this typical things that no one else notices until you drag the attention to it yourself :-)
P.S.: and I loooove Japanese/Chinese heavy straight naturally gorgeous looking hair and bob looks on them so awesome. But I love beautiful healthy curls equally I might add ;-)

Tatiana Lensky said...

oh - absolutely. Well, gray is NOT natural. I have lots too. I mean, the natural color one was born gray doesn´t count. I would die if I didn´t color my hair. See - if I were to go on a desert island - and I could only take three things: hair color would be one of them. Curls are lovely. And you look wonderful with curls sweetie. ; )