September 12, 2009

Doesn´t Tyra Banks remind you of that Mars Attacks woman?

What a coincidence.........yesterday, I caught a bit of "Mars Attacks". I figured, ok, since this is one of the movies you have to have seen, Tim Burton, cult, etc. I actually watched about 15 minutes of it. (You know, just enough to recount one scene and sound reasonably informed if/when quizzed by a geek). And I expect the scene was fairly crucial, as the woman, Martian Girl, tries to kidnap/strangle/ goopify the President and first lady while they're sleeping.

And today, Saturday, catching up on the latest entertainment scoops, who do I see but Tyra Banks being interviewed for ABC's Nightline. By Cynthia McFadden, who could not pronounce Porizkova if her life depended on it.(backstory: Former Supermodel Paulina Porizkova was one of two judges fired from the show, America's Next Top Model, due to excessive diva-esqueness by Ms. Banks. That basically means, she wants to be the only Queen Bee) I mean, wouldn´t that be on page 1 of "The Journalists guide to sounding intelligent"?. How difficult can it be to remember one name that isn´t Smith or Banks or Dicksenson. Call me a pedant. But that really bugs the hell out of me.

Well, watching the interview, I was struck by the ressemblence in physiognomy and robotic automation mode of Mars Attacks! Martian Girl and Tyra Banks. And who knows what happens when she takes her mask off. Tyra. I mean. But well, still entertaining for a Saturday morning.

Which leads me to the question: was it really a coincidence that I saw Mars Attacks last night and Tyra Banks this morning? So that I was able to make this awesomely appropriate connection? Or are we really only pawns in one big Chess game?

PS Update from September 25th, 2009: Ms. Banks had the excerpt of her interview removed. Seems she's a bad sport too.

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