August 13, 2009

Today in Australia

Not, today today. What I mean is - I guess they have a Today show in Australia too. They did a nice "Meryl Streep Turns 60" thing.

I am kind of jumping on the bandwagon here, since it seems, according to some blog on Slate , the iconic and most fabulous Ms. Streep, is churning up quite a few google searches. Or something.

Basically, I just need an excuse to post......... something. This is quite perfect. Australia. Meryl Streep. What more could I want? (you don´t wanna know, so will leave it at that)

The clip ends with these lovely words: "I have no complaints about my age". Well, actually, it ends with the two Today show hosts babbling but since they are as forgettable as all morning TV talk show hosts, I won´t count their last remarks.

I´ve outdone myself: 6 hours for under a 100 words.

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