August 28, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning of the mind, start small and Goethe's birthday

three good things I did today:

1. I got up early and went for a run. (hadn´t done that in a while since my common sense has gone walkabout and the multi-tasking turned into too much multi and not enough tasking)

2. I resisted the strong urge to cross the no-cars-to-be-seen-for-miles street because little kids were waiting on the other side. Usually, I think pedestrians waiting for the lights to turn green despite no on-coming traffic are morons. But well, gotta set a good example for kids. Although, is it a good example? To follow rules blindly? Well, ok......let them grow up and decide for themselves, right?

2 1/2. I did not eat a cheeseburger. Although I did have some chips.

3. I am trying to watch Beyond Rangoon. So, technically, I have not yet accomplished three charitable acts..........#3 is still in the works. On the fence if I am going to continue with this 1995 movie directed by John Boorman.

Now, the only reason I actually stopped on this channel was "Boorman". The Boorman of "Deliverance" and "Point Blank" and "Excalibur" and "Hope and Glory" and "Exorcist II" ( jelly beans mixed in with the caramel toffees - I hate jelly beans).

So, a political movie about the situation in Burma. And sadly, by the looks of things, although this film depicts events that took place in the late 1980's, known as the 8888 Uprising, violent suppression of any democratic movements continue, since 1962. Interesting to note how the film Killing Fields garnered much more attention than the equally inhumane totalitarian regime in Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi emerged as a leader for freedom and democracy during that time. Her party won the first elections in years. The Military Junta simply ignored the elections results and placed her under house arrest. Since 1989. Just recently she was sentenced to 18 more months house arrest. So, yesterday's news is often tomorrow's news as well.

Oh, and since its taken me this long to complete my train of thought, I managed to watch the entire film. Understated, moving. And I know a bit more about Burma. So a definite plus. Although Patricia Arquette was having a really bad hair film.

Some trivia: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born 260 years ago today. 1749 in case you don´t want to do the math.

He's kind of the German version of Leonardo Da Vinci or William Shakespeare. And he was a stuck up arrogant snob. True story. He and Schiller, during their lifetime titans of the Weimar Classic era, were the deciders. They determined which authors were accepted into their lofty literary circle ie who succeeded and who failed. The Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul of early 19th century Germany's Got Writers. Or Talent. Or Idols. Or whatever.

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