August 30, 2009

summer reading done - book giveaways - shelf cleaning time

Right. These three books - all by the author Sophie Kinsella - were my summer reads. For a total of 1172 pages, I needed about 5 days. I had seen the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" so figured that didn´t need a more in-depth delve into the hows/whys or whatevers of Becky Bloomwood in form of written material. So I dived into the book series midstream. I know, I know, nothing new, these books have been out for a while. But hey, sure I´m not the only one who hasn´t read any of her books.......well, until now, that is.

Um, well, I expect the success of these books is the fact that many girls, women have had a shopaholic occurrence in their lives - some more lasting than others. Or maybe some would like to be a shopaholic? I like shopping, and I expect, if you ask my family, and/or my ex-boyfriend, they'd voice concerns about my habits. But really, honestly, I have improved immensely.
And am not about to do psychoanalysis on my particular situation nor on Becky Bloomwood's.

Its hard to review twinkie fiction. (the term chick lit is so overused, I had to think of something else) You know? I mean, a twinkie is a twinkie, sweet, soft, easy to swallow, and addictive - you expect that. And easily digested. Thats really all I can say about these three books. Easy reading. Escapism. Therapeutic, at times even cathartic, if you happen to be going through tough times. Somehow comforting to think these characters are based on girls possibly even crazier than one's self.

Don´t need too many brain cells to process the content. (Please don´t get me wrong - deepest respect to all authors creating easily digestible, entertaining twinkie fiction. I, for one, am deeply grateful. And will be the first to trumpet the completion of my very own chocolate cup cake story)

Having said that, the glib yet ever effective message of "never give up" does pump a bit of air into a flattened ego. If anyone fancies reading these books - please let me know - I am giving all three away. Clearing the shelves, as it were. Besides, they helped me through upheaval. And would gladly love to help someone else in need of easy brain sweets, with zero calories.

Leave a comment. And let me know your favorite quote from your favorite chick lit/twinkie fiction book. And any recommendations welcome.

Entries until September 15th, 2009. Will announce the deserving winner of my twinkie contest by the 20th of September. And send to wherever you happen to live. To arrive in time to chase away the first autumn cold weather blustery winds gray sky doldrums.

Oh, and any new followers, re-tweets or whatever other devices used to spread the word......please.......feel free. ; )


ella said...

it sounds like some books I finished reading in the spring. I totally agree with the way you described this genre. But not all of them are at the upper level. I still have one on my shelf "Who's that girl" I think it's called and no matter how hard I've tried it just was impossible to get past through the 30 first pages.
But you made me curious about these three ones. You forgot to say which was your favourite?


Tatiana Lensky said...

No, some are total crap. I mean, these were kind of borderline. Shopaholic Abroad would get my vote. Probably because Becky Bloomwood's antics start to annoy a bit in the second book. And this one plays mostly in New York, which is nice.

; )