August 9, 2009

Striking Firmly Illegal Management Activities

Shanghai, January 30th, 2005. My mission: to find the secret headquarters of SFIMA.

 modern amenities 

public phones 

opening hours of SFIMA

Price list and opening hours

enjoying the view while I wait for my appointment

will go for some peony Chinese food

I couldn't figure out if the turtle was still alive

will go shopping instead

SFIMA headquarters

allowing Haagen Daz and KFC in strikes me as firmly wrong

I need a drink. Gigi is bar.

What I was never able to figure out: is this an organization to "strike" ie abolish illegal activities? Or "striking" as in awesome? Think it may be the latter. Good night.

PS My actual reason for being in Shanghai was to shoot a commercial for a German bank. Which has since gone bust and has been taken over by an Italian bank. Firmly Illegal Management activities and an Italian bank? Yeah, that works.

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