August 21, 2009

Coffee & Cigarettes. Summer schedule.

In the morning, around 8AM, I have my first cup of coffee. Medium bold Columbia coffee with hot milk. Oh, and a couple of cigarettes. Coffee and cigarettes. Sitting outside in the garden. The sun already hot on my face. Occasionally, I manage a big glass of water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in. Promising start, no?

Right. Then I shower, get dressed - shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, sunglasses & ipod - ride my bike to the train station and go into town. I live a ways outside of the city, so use the travel time to listen to my various podcasts. Before I get to the office, I buy myself another coffee - either a venti soy latte, or an iced venti soy latte. Arriving at my desk, I set up my computer. Get out my bottle of water, spread out my papers, notebook, pen, glasses........and begin.

My office is at an internet café. I have my own desk and pay the owner a small monthly fee for my office facilities - a desk and Wifi. Rent-an-office. Its in the middle of the city, right across the street from the opera house. Lots of junkies populate the area. Never a dull moment. Tourists come and go, yapping dogs. The odd screaming kid. I used to have regular long skype-visitations with my boyfriend. But since he is now my ex-boyfriend, no more of that. So basically, I don´t talk to anyone at all. My sole conversations are with my blogs, my book and with my facebook friends - all in writing. To counterbalance that, I often read various articles outloud so that I don´t lose my ability to actually speak.

Late afternoon, minor hunger pangs. Ignore them by smoking some more and having my afternoon coffee with french vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

After about 7 hours in front of the computer, freaking out about all the things I haven't gotten done, I head home. Its usually around 7PM. Taking the tram which circles around the 1st district, gives me some sunshine and some people watching time. And more podcast time.
Latest Countdown and Maddow.

By the time I get to the train station, enough time to grab a cheeseburger and some fries. Or, for variety, sometimes a chicken burger. Or a fish mac. Or chicken nuggets.

Biking from the train station home, I take the time to look at the sky. To not forget what its like up there. Often I make a detour past the corn fields. The corn is pretty high now.

I get home, say hello to Max. If there are any leftovers from lunch, I eat that. If not, I either have the leftover pasta I cook for my son or I take a piece of bread or baguette with some salami or ham&cheese. Although I try to avoid cheese late evening. Gives me bad dreams.

Settling down with a book, a plate of cookies and milk, and some classical music. Or the crickets through the open window.

Shortly before midnight, another cup of coffee. Decaf. Oh, and possibly another glass of water. And another cigarette.

Then I settle down to write some more. And read. And watch Conan. And the nightly news. A movie. Somewhere between the news and a movie......I fall asleep.

On a Sunday, since my mom cooks, I have a salad, fish, fresh fruit for desert. I manage to go for a run to catch up on all the podcasts I might have missed during the week.

Safe to say my New Years Resolution of an apple a day was just that. One on one day.

note to myself: never too late to eat healthier.

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