August 16, 2009

Its Sunday

A hot Sunday in Vienna. I have done a bit of blog management. So, now, on this site, I will publish everything that comes to mind except politics. For my political passion, I have gone back to my reliable Smoke In Your Face site.

(thought it might be a good idea to separate these things)

I saw a lovely movie last night Coco Before Chanel which I will be reviewing shortly. Well, am working on it now, and will post shortly.

The photo is of the Vienna Opera house, taken around 1902. The fashion reflects the times Coco lived in when she started going "rogue". Thats why I chose this. Wonderfully suitable, methinks.


Lily said...

Lovely photo

Tatiana Lensky said...

thank you! It really still looks exactly like that - the Opera house. Well, except for the dress style. I was inspired to use a photo from pre-WWI Vienna as its the era when Coco Chanel started with her quite radical fashion ideas at that time.

appreciate you taking the time to check it out ; )

ella said...

I truly look forward to your reviews my dear. I would like to see the movie as well :-) and now you really made me curious.
The pic of the Opera is fantastic indeed!

Tatiana Lensky said...

Ella! Is that you lovely? thank you for leaving a comment. Truly appreciate it. ; )

must get on with that review.....