August 26, 2009

"Its about turning money into light"

A quote from Sir Terry Gilliam (not quite sure if he is indeed a "Sir" know, officially.....but he should be.) Sir Terry is speaking of course, about his philosophy and vision when embracing the daunting undertaking of making a film.

The Good Doctor, also known to the world as Dr. Mark Kermode, is one of the most passionate and awesomely articulate of film critics. While I don´t agree with him on all issues, I love his passion. And he speaks from the heart - always. What Keith Olbermann is for Politics, Mark Kermode is for film. Although, I´d have to give the Good Doctor the edge on the verbal dexterity front. Besides, he never uses a teleprompter.

Known amongst us loyal Kermodians, is the fact, that the Good Doctor is an extremely harsh critic of the Pirates franchise. His rant on the Pirates III is legendary and a must see. In case you missed it - have a look. Courage of conviction at its best and ties in nicely with his most recent musings on why Johnny Depp would dump Terry Gilliam over a Pirates IV film.

NB: me, personally, liked Pirates I and II. And thought Monsieur Depp most entertaining. Mr. Kermode is equally so whilst bashing him and the entire franchise.

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