August 25, 2009

Give me multiple choice and I´ll give you the right answer

Have me judge or answer on an individual basis, I hate everyone and find everyone extremely annoying (talking about celebrities here)

Is it only me or have we lost the ability to judge things with clarity when faced with singular answers? Or rather without comparisons? Think about it, all these quizzes are multiple choice. And if you have a smidgen of common sense, likely you´ll figure out the right answer. Seems our brains have been programmed to work like that now. Never really remembering anything properly but having a vague recollect of having heard something at one time or another.

Like last night, watching a Jay Leno rerun with Heidi Klum as guest. You know, all bubbly and fringed blondness of her. I found her extremely annoying. Yet, given a multiple choice of say

1. Orlando Bloom
2. Jessica Alba
3. Heidi Klum
4. Paris Hilton

I would have definitely picked her as the least annoying. In fact, quite ok. She´s down to earth, is relatively charming in a German sort of way, no nonsense and doesn´t talk too much bullshit. Ok, some bullshit – but within reason considering she is a model.

The others?
Jessica Alba: just plain innocuously ridiculously silly
Paris Hilton: well, no words.
Orlando Bloom: what makes him think, being reasonably good-looking, with a half ounce of talent, that gives him the right to be a stuck-up, incredibly dull prick?

Miss California courtesy of Gary McCoy . She was annoying too.


Lily said...

I've seen Paris Hilton several times on Letterman. As much as we love to hate her, I can't help but find her entertaining.

Tatiana Lensky said...

She is self-deprecating. Being able to make fun of one's self is definitely a plus. And her honest goofiness is actually quite admirable.

; )