July 17, 2009

Christian Bale: I apologize

I would like to take this opportunity to officially openly apologize to Christian Bale for ranting about his rant back in February, where I might have mentioned his beans were undercooked or overcooked. I also suggested he go work in a soup kitchen, which, admittedly, is a nice gesture for anyone to do. I can still recommend doing that.

Mr. Bale, I retract: I saw Terminator Salvation.

At some point the realization must have hit you, that you were snared in the bear trap clutches of a very large piece of shit-crap-trash. Said piece of trash being helmed by a ragingly untalented director. Furthermore, it cannot have failed to escape your attention that, once again, you were having to use a weird-I've just-done-the-one hundred-meter-sprint-and-will-now-try-a-deep-shout-whisper-combo-type voice and well, considering all the mental duress you were submerged in, I would have gone off the deep end too.

One thing though, I would, respectfully, like to ask you: you seem like a reasonably smart guy and are obviously able to tap into your "inner self soul thing". And surely, a gut instinct drawer must have been available to access. Failing that, doing a google search should have given you some indication of how distressingly awful McG's past movies all are. Where was it when you first heard his name come out of your agent's mouth?

Mr. Bale - we deserve better from you. Heck, we expect better from you. Please - next time - check out imbd. Or ask me.

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