May 6, 2009

Fallen Angels

headline: Catholic Church scolds Berlusconi for Wandering Eye

Ok. We are talking about Italy. But seriously, does the Catholic church have a say in any of all this? Does the Catholic Church´s reprimand hold any sway at all? Does it influence in any way the manner in which people behave? at all? All the pomp, ornate golden spun robes and conehead hats seem like an empty shell - a mild breeze blowing it all way, revealing nothing of substance underneath except maybe historical precedent. The Catholic Church is like one very large fallen angel. The Church has known sin. The corruption of ambition and of human weakness. I mean, a good analogy would be to if the Department of Justice took any country in the world to task in regards to torture. They´d be laughed out of wherever it is they would dare to show their face and/or utter ANYthing.

Centuries ago - when the Church scared the shit out of the masses by evoking eternal damnation for any given sin - it might have worked. Well, I guess it did. More so with the poor sods than with the nobels - who figured they could buy their way out of fire and brimstone like scenarios in the afterlife.

The Church was so powerful - after all - all education came from the Church, the monestaries. The center of all education - dating back to the 9th century - was founded by the monestaries - the Franciscans, the Benedictines and various other orders. They had the necessary means, in fact were the only entity with the means - often outranking the Monarchy in available mercenary goods.

So - of course - the Church wielded immense power. And that stronghold, at least the ghostly remnants of that stronghold have carried over. Structurally at least. I mean, in the form of all the huge monuments, palaces, churches, cathedrals, monestaries, works of art the Church had commissioned. That still exists of course. And one has to be thankful for that. Definitely. I mean, hey, what would Dan Brown write about if not for the Catholic Church?

It just seems incongruous to me - the whole thing. How can some outdated institution be a moral entity when its all corrupt, power hungry and, worst of all, hypocritical? We are supposed to be "led" by priests, bishops, the Pope because why exactly? Because they believe in God?

Humans are never meant to be perfect. They never were. But whats perfect anyways? Isn´t perfect when you are just happy? In whatever form that comes?

In Berlusconi´s case, personally, I think he would make an awesome member of the Catholic Church and seems to possess all the qualifications needed for the next Pope. A bit of pop opera to shatter the crushingly dull gravitas of the current regime.

Its just boring. And nobody listens.

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