March 5, 2009

something small can become something big......

"Nothing new to report—except the shame of what man can do to man. And the secret seems to be that the longer it goes on, the more tolerant all of us become of it"

This is an excerpt from a blog George Clooney wrote. Darfur and the whole situation is obviously something close to his heart. And he writes in a very clear, no-nonsense yet poetic way.

Why am I posting this? To make people aware. Aware of whats going on in this world. And I know its a helluva lot. Most not so good (mild understatement here....) But still, we have to try and shake off a certain paralysis that has set it. We can do something. Each and every one of us. Sure, it´d be awesome if everyone simultaneously world-wide took to the streets to protest against all the atrocities, against all the injustice millions upon millions of people are suffering each and every second. And hey, I am the first to admit of being a lazy reluctant. Especially when its cold and rainy outside.

But we can do something. Choose one thing that you feel strongly about. Spread the word. Discuss, debate with friends about things that are important to your sense of ethics, morals, whats right and wrong. Its also called education. Educate yourself and the people around you. Your friends, your family. Nurture awareness, thinking for yourself, gathering information. Its sooooo important. We have it all at our finger tips. Encourage people to use that. Actively seek out information instead of letting yourself be lulled into a stupor by all the blaring trumpeted headlines of trashy newspapers.

I am sounding a bit evangelically preachy which I don´t like and is not my intention. This is just something close to my heart. And I just want people to use their minds, take a few minutes less watching brain deadening reality shows and read an interesting article from a good newspaper. Just a few minutes each day. Do it.

Knowledge is power. And its true. We have the power inside our heads to sieve through the muck and find the truth. To not be lead but to lead ourselves where ever we choose to go.

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