March 9, 2009

Poster only movie reviews...or how to avoid real turkeys

yes - the succinct way to go, I´d say. No, seriously, the posters and/or titles reveal enough for me to say: um, think I´ll pass. Times are tough, no time to view the trailers.....

Here a few to avoid at all costs:

Observe & Report
Seth Rogan in a security guard uniform. Um, so..... what.... one movie about a zealot clutzy fat guy mall cop isn't enough? We have to get the generation Y&Z version? Paul Blart Mall Cop goes Superbad? Um, yeah, pretty sure this is going to be just that.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Matthew McConaughey on a poster with some chick. Yeah, about as deep as a dried up fish pond. I will not support this guys surf habit.

Bart Got A Room
only reason to see this movie would be William Macy´s ginger fro.

Funny People
Its Seth Rogan again......with Judd Apatow directing, Ad man Sandler and the token hot chick. If they feel the need to call it "funny movie" - run for your life.

Shermans Way
whats up with the girl holding the guys tie for chrissake? Is it supposed to be an innuendo? That girls have guys by the balls? ......"The discord begins when Sherman, (Michael Shulman) a young, uptight Ivy-Leaguer, finds himself stranded on the West Coast with an eccentric stranger and washed-up, middle-aged former athlete Palmer (James Le Gros) in an attempt to make it down to Beverly Hills in time for a career-making internsh ..." exactly........oh yeah, and soooo clever using the Sherman Way of San Fernando Valley fame as a methapor for climbing the proverbial ladder of success (see, living in the "Valley" is for all the losers whereas Beverly Hills is over the it were)

ok. Will give this a might see - but only because of John Goodman. Baby is scaring looking though.

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