March 4, 2009

doing things backwards, the art of being lost and still moving forward......I hope

Anna Gavalda is a french author. I first stumbled upon her, consciously, as the author of the book upon which the film "Ensemble, c'est tout" was based. An incredibly charming film, it induced me to read up on the original creator. The author. Anyways, I find her inspiring, what she says, her outlook on things (its ok to lose one´s self occasionally, I interpret that as "chaos can be a good thing") and she is a big fan of dictionaries and I can definitely relate to that. Without those tools, I don´t think I´d ever be able to do anything.

One question I do ask myself: why do I do everything backwards? I mean, not everything. I manage to actually walk forwards. Its like - studying the bios of various successful people turned authors - what the hell have I done with my life? Lots of them were/are teachers. So - learned. Academics. Me? After a career gaining a certain superficial expertise on just about every topic, each and every day since going back to school, the realization of just how shallow my knowledge has been, scares the shit out of me. So - yeah, backwards. I hope it kind of works out. This backwards thing.....anyways, a lovely interview or rather more of a thought bubble with Anna Gavalda.

Check out her books - all available in English translations.

* I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere
* Someone I loved
* Hunting and Gathering
* 95 Pounds of Hope

Her latest book La Consolante is just out in french. Sure to be translated soon though.

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