February 4, 2009

On a clear day you can see forever

its interesting to note that people on the fringe - in whatever shape or form - seem to have more compassion, more insight, more common sense....and yes, in my eyes just the uncanny ability to actually use their brains.

(Sure, junkies belong to the fringe - but even in their spaced out state of mind, have often shown a remarkable clarity when recognizing bullshit. And yes, they are grateful and humbled by any sort of kindess directed toward them. Why mention junkies? well, I´ve had the chance to observe them for a while now. Not only that, can attest to close encounters of this third kind)

If you graze in the herd, and I figure that applies to probably 78% of the population, you just can´t or aren´t willing to see beyond your own caged in surroundings ie limiting your ability to actually see what is going on in this world. To understand whats going on, to care whats going on, to even think about why what is going on. Talk about pulling the wool over one´s eyes. A permanent affliction?

I am proud to say all my friends are involuntary non-members of the woolly herd.
me too.

keep smoking.

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