February 13, 2009

the segregation of sad

why do some tragedies affect us more than others? I don´t know. I honestly do no know.
a plane crashed today
50 people were killed.
50 lives erased, and the fate of sorrow, despair and grief cast on those who knew them, those left behind.
A million losses?
no, much much more
50 smiles you´ll never ever see again.
50 voices you´ll never hear again.
50 hands you´ll never hold again.
50 sighs you´ll never feel again.
50 souls set free to roam where?
I don´t know.
who ever is up there
surrounds us......please......make don´t make them roam alone.

and don´t let those with the burden of grief be left alone either.

I am guilty of that. My friend* was visiting me. And he found out that he had lost his friend to hell. In a horrible horrible accident. He had lost his friend to a living hell. And that burden, that horrible suffocating weight of grief my friend bore after hearing about that, well, I did a pretty miserable job of sharing that weight. I think, no, I know I left him alone with that.

And the sad thing is
it seems to be an unlucky day

Only we somehow often don´t even pay attention anymore. Pelted, bombarded with screaming headliners of awfulness each and every day so much so we seem to become more immune to certain tragedies while others cause much more of an outpouring of emotion.

Why else are we not as affected by a bomb blast that happened just yesterday in Kabul? Or the hundreds killed during the recent Gaza invasion? Why does the crash of a plane in the midst of our world, our western world, our culture, attract more attention and compassion than hundreds dying in a suicide bombing in the Middle East? Is tragedy not global? Is it local? Does it have to do with relatability? Our culture? Their culture? Our friends? Their friends?

If we uniformly wept for all the tragedies that occur each minute of every single day, the world would long be flooded with tears and submerged in despair. Maybe thats the reason for this segregation of sad.

What to take from a tragedy that touches you, causes a jolt into awareness? The awareness of life and love within the realm of your mind and heart? And what that really truly madly deeply means?

we must cherish every single second we are given
happy, no, grateful to have the chance
hearing the breath of your child asleep,
feeling the warmth of your lover´s body next to yours
holding his warmth in your hands
seeing the smile in someones eyes
and holding on even tighter when they are sad and filled with despair


then you will never regret life, love
for they are entities entwined

remember..... try as hard as you can to make sure you have no regrets
because you might not get a second chance

have I made any sort of sense at all?
I hope so.

*he is my soulmate.

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