February 9, 2009

The Ice Brigade or the monosyllabic Hero.....how very refreshing...

When I heard this two days ago, it sent - yes - chills - appropriately enough - up and down my spine. I know its a captains job to be cool, and Captain Sullenburger is obvioulsy an extremely experienced guy. But still - the cool with which he radios the tower is just awe-inducing. And the follow up or media hype just didn´t happen. Like he did not appear anywhere. Not on any talk shows, radio shows, no interviews.......nothing. Someone so incredibly able, so professional, so knowledgable, and so humble.

(can we please strap the complete opposites to this humble human - like Mahatma Blagotard and that woman exploiting her 14 kids to get on the news - to a rocket and send them to outer space, and dropping them into a deep, dense, black hole. Yeah, the kinda hole already in existence between their ears)

How come there are so few of these types of people? I dunno - makes me cry. (yeah, I know - emotion overflow through the tear ducts )

What an amazing person.

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