February 8, 2009

Episode 4 of movie trailer reviews

"They are all uniformly terrified of you".
Amy Adams character describing Meryl Streeps character. Simply sublime. I love this woman. And think she is the greatest actress alive today. Add Philip Seymour Hoffman as the object of her mission to discredit and take down, the cloak and dagger goings - ons within the catholic church. A must see. And its actually playing here already.

Two Lovers

Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix. The film itself looks nice, interesting enough to give it a "yes, I´ll take my chances." Looks somber, star-crossed lover-y.

But having said that, I will have to leave my disdain for Paltrow with the ticket-stub-ripper-offer-person. (Curiousity got the better of me and I subscribed to her newsletter Goop. Where she gives "advice".) Um, sure - has nothing to do with the movie and its ability to entertain (or not) but please, I´d suggest honing your skills at acting cause you really are a crap writer. And your "advice" is about as profound as Joe-The-Plumber´s knowledge on.....er.......anything. Admittedly, you have better hair.

All About Steve
another romantic comedy with the lady who seems to own the franchise acting wise - Sandra Bulllock. And again, much to my dismay, it looks kinda funny. That or maybe it just means my standards are in a free fall. Must read more.

"I'm a guy. We say things we don't mean" sums up the story quite nicely.

Ms. Bullocks character is having none of that and is convinced her counterpart is the soulmate destiny has chosen for her. And the movies progression shows us her attempts to convince the guy as well. Looks like decent enough fare for a rainy gray afternoon.

based on a true story during WWII. Yeah, another one. Ok. Twist on this one - its about three Jewish brothers who re-locate to the woods whilst fleeing the Nazis of their native Belarusse or somewhere around there. The brothers eventually go on to hide and save 1200 people.

Ok - sounds interesting. Daniel Craig stars. And I am willing to see most movies he stars in.

One gripe I have with this (and several other movies, like "The Reader" ) when the actors speak with a funny accent because they are portraying characters from a non-English speaking country. Why??? Its completely illogical to have them speak English with a German or Polish or Russian accent. Just as silly if Russian actors would speak in their native language with an assumed English accent. Its completely retarded! It just doesn´t make sense! Either you use English-speaking actors and they speak as they speak or you use non-English speaking actors and they speak with their respective accents. Or you use the language where the film is taking place ie subtitles.

But this ridiculous extra curricular activity using phony accents - dunno - is it supposed to give us more of a flavor for the surroundings or what?? Or to prove how awesome these actors are in phonetics? Just like Kate Winslet in The Reader attempting a German accent just because its playing in Germany???

I am not talking about cases such as "Sophie's Choice" where Streep portrays a polish woman telling her story whilst living in an English-speaking country. Of course she would speak English with an accent.

(Am I making sense here? I hope so because it just so gets me off on a rant and I am doing my best at attempting a coherent form of reasoning.)

I don´t get it. And thats why I applaud Valkyrie - English-speaking actors speaking.............surprise.......English. Even though they were portraying Germans. Its just logical.

X-Men: Origins : Wolverine
So, assuming that means Huge Action is in it. Thats pretty much the extent of my knowledge regarding the X-Men movies. Didn´t see any of the previous ones, so see no reason to start now.


as a description seems like a gross understatement. Viggo Mortensen, Jason Isaacs. Another Nazi era film, yet from a different perspective than we are normally fed. Its about a German professor of literature caught up in the tidal wave of Nazi enthusiasm. Yet all is not as it seems, and moral conflict lurks on the horizon. And nobody is speaking with a fake German accent! Yay! Gotta see this for sure.

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