January 11, 2009

trailers and more-liner reviews......

upcoming films - yet to be released in my part of the world....

Marley and Me
"The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family in the making and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life."
ok - any tagline that starts with "heartwarming" just makes me want to vomit. Trailer looks funny enough. But its put me on the path of outright, smug rejection. Just gag-inducing. And using a cute dog on the poster is such a cheap trick.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

"Life can only be understood backwards
it must be lived forward. "

could it mean "rewind, be kind"? I wish....

Heres my instantaneous gripe: Cate Blanchett as a ballet dancer??? Ok, now I raise most objectionable objection. Face - yeah, maybe. But she does NOT have the body of a ballet dancer and I am speaking from self-righteous biased substantiated indignity. I was a dancer. Why dont they ever get real dancers? Ok, they usually can´t act worth shit, but thats beside the point.

Um, yes, the trailers I watched - looks very poignant (based on a short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald) combined with the usual Fincher moody postproduction overkill weird. Posting Brad Pitts head on various bodies, yeah. But the subject matter and people involved certainly have the ability to make it more memorable than a mo cap extravaganza. And so far, every Fincher movie has been thought-provoking. So, a must-see for sure.

The Reader
watched a featurette, as they called it. 22 minutes long with interviews with the director, actors, author, screenwriter. Why haven´t I ever heard about this book? was my first reaction. Kate Winslet read it 5 years ago. It was a bestseller. Man, I have to read more. Brief synopsis: Kate Winslet´s character is on trial for war crimes. And the boy she had an affair with tries to comes to terms with that. He loved her once, had a profound influence on him. Can the knowledge of her deeds irrevocably damage that love? Touted as a sure Oscar nomination for most involved. Of course, what with the subject matter. Thats always a favorite with the Hollywood geezers. Hype aside, I definitely want to see it. The story itself transcends any period.

The Ugly Truth
Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler (new Aussie flavor of the year - although he´s gotten a little chubby. Think he must have the Russell Crowe genes)
Um, looks like a response/competition to "He´s just not that into you". Trailer funny, signal-flare plot.

Gran Torino
ok, when I first heard the title I thought it was another vid game morphs to movie thing. But then I hear Clint Eastwood? Nah, can´t be a vid2movie mash. And indeed, its not. The 1972 car of the same name gives the film its title. Hmmm.........dunno. Very American-ly done. Old war vet, bit of a racist, doesn´t know what the world is coming to what with all the immigrants moving into the neighborhood. Until his pioneer spirited every man for himself rifle wielding character has to help the neighbors. Which, surprise, are Chinese immigrants. He is a decent filmmaker but the story and metamorphosis of Mr. Eastwood´s character strikes me as a bit too glaringly obvious. A might see for me. I prefer his Westerns.

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