January 2, 2009

this is for Max

attention: eye-roller alert and (insert random expletive here)

I know its been tough
you probably think I´m nuts to pursue a career in writing, of all things.
for sure you think me mad
especially since I haven´t been able to use my gold credit card
till its been had.

All I ask is this
have faith
I will not disappoint you.

Your BMW 5 series wish
well, its my priority in life you'll be able to strike it from your looong list...
in time for your 18th birthday
Now that doesn´t mean you´ll get one - because me being your mom - will live in fear each and every second you are out and about on some run - so maybe we should consider giving you Oma´s racer instead.

Now I know
all too well, how nice it is to gets presents in swell.

But please stop and think
at least once in a while
what really matters in this world
that we have each other, a home, a nice warm bed, a flatscreen tv, a PS3, internet, an ipod, hey even some clothes ; ) and the occasional pizza

I am working as hard as I can
my word
Sometimes it takes a bit longer
but I know that you heard,
and trust I will deliver all you deserve.

But I ask for something in return:

just think about this :
remember and see
you are a lucky kid
and can be full of lots of glee
you have a mom who loves you most much
Oma and Opa most certainly do
and you know you can do anything
anything you want, if you prove to be true
which I know that you are
You have your heart in the right place
and indeed you will go far
and to make the trip nicer,
just try a tinnie tiny bit - to be a bit less grouchy
and show us your wit

lastly, what I really want to say
I am grateful for you and the best that I´ve done
I can wish for nothing more
for I see everyday all the poor lost souls who have no one
absolutely no one
who cares

we have each other and a nice turkey in wait

its true
thats whats important
so consider these thoughts..
even if my present to you has been a bit late.

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