December 15, 2008

almost one line reviews on movies I haven´t seen

Four Christmases: seen the trailer. Seen the film. I mean, I haven´t, but I have. Meaning its that type of movie. Trailer was actually pretty funny therefor I am assuming all the best gags have been stuffed into the two-minute teaser because there can´t possibly be enough wit to sustain it beyond that time. Can name countless examples of similar save your money.

Revoltionary Road: OMG. Its looks sooooo sad. So horribly depressingly repressingly sad. Sam Mendes of American Beauty directs. Reunites DiCaprio and Winslet. Painfully tragically sad. Gonna have to like have won in the lottery to be able to stomach this.

Were the World Mine: ok. says its a musical - so, normally: NO. But I watched the trailer and it looks amazing. And downright pulse on the times. I mean, what with Prop 8 issues and stuff. Looks awesome. What a premise: if you could make someone fall in love with you, who would it be?

The Unborn. No. Absolutey not. The trailer is going to give me nightmares. I only watched the trailer because Gary Oldman is in it. Its kind of like pre-emptive exorcism of unborn slimy creepy babies. Although - looking at the pic, does put it into perspective ie looks kinda stupid.

Confessions of a Shopoholic - yes. definitely. I mean, I have to. Although, normally, I´d run and hide from captions such as "MUST SEE", "MUST HAVE" and "TOO GOOD TO PASS UP" but well, maybe it´ll inspire me to do........something?

Movies - entire movies I actually did see recently:
Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Body of Lies. VCB was a bit hohum. Body of Lies was awesome. Strangely, I find it easier to write about films that were really truly horrible. So I am struggling a bit to come up with something interesting for these two. But I will try......

I did do something constructive today though.....I scored 100% on the ugly boobs quiz.

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