July 11, 2008

Sex and the City.........woe is me

I finally went to see it. I was tired and sticky sweaty, crabby and miserable, but I went. Carmen and Renee waited patiently for me. And it´s nice to go to the movies with someone. Not alone all the time. So that was definitely a picker-upper. And I am deeply grateful to them for putting up with my moroseness.

We came 15 minutes late but I expect we only had 15 minutes less of sledgehammer-like clobbering of product placement and various designer name dropping. As it was, we managed to hear and see the creations of Wang, Dior, Galliano, Westwood, and at least three other you-have-to-know-about-these designer- persons I can´t remember (you know, for anyone in doubt of the importance of the right designer dress for that most momentous of occasions – your wedding – she says, laughing hysterically…….)

Basically, the entire movie is like a Vogue editorial. Not just the sequence of Carrie posing in wedding gowns – the whole movie. Everything down to the minutest detail…….carefully placed, styled, and certainly endlessly discussed by the army of warderobe people, production designers and stars. Put there with a purpose. Although, for the life of me, don´t really know what purpose that would be – other than to mislead young impressionable minds that that’s the goal in life. Posing like Madonna once did with her pouting stuck-up batshit ugly daughter on some English country estate. To aspire to some unattainable, carefully decorated world. I mean, even if I could afford it – why would I want to live like a wax figure at Madame Tussauds? But that’s whats propogated throughout this movie.

One damn long ad for always wearing the right outfit for the right occasion and oh, being at the right bar or restaurant or resort when living out your emotional ups and downs. Even if everything goes down the tube, you´ll look good falling. Or so this movie´s motto seems to be.

So – on that visual level – its pretty despicably buy-the-right-bag-shoes-clothes-everything-color-coded-then-you´ll-be-happy consumerist vacuous fare.

On the emotional/dialogue level – the pitfalls and that rollercoaster ride that is love and makes the world go round – that was handled more or less true to the series. And in my opinion, quite realistically. Well,at least as far as one can use that term for a big blockbuster movie made in Hollywood.

How I saw it for me - during my current situation - was kinda of comforting although I know the all around no surprise happy endings never tie up as neatly in real life. And well, I have to say, seems like it - a happy ending to one particular story - won´t happen for me.

The view of certain relationships were pretty realistic. And helped me understand different perspectives. And that things can be mended, if one is willing to take the risk, firstly, and secondly, probably more importantly, you have to be willing to leave the past pain and hurt behind you. Otherwise, going forward will be like peddling backwards - filled with recriminations. Miranda and Steve made it. And that was nice.

And then there was Carrie, who was left at the altar and then just spent days and nights in a darkened room, not speaking, just numbed by astonishment, despair and mopiness, which of course I could totally relate to. (I have turned into a zombie - moving about but no emotions. Dragging myself through daily life. Like Carrie, I´d much rather check myself into some uber posh resort in Mexico, and lie in bed all day with the shutters closed. )

During the movie, I received a text message from my new sweet friend, Sandra. And well, how can I express what it did to me? what it means to me? what it said? I cried when I read it. She is 18 years old and obviously wise beyond her years.

The last verse of the poem was this:

dem Zauber des Anfangs zu vertrauen.
Trust the magic of new beginnings.

And everytime I read it, it makes me cry.

I will post the entire poem because its a flower in the fields of destruction that is currently my heart and my soul. And gives me hope every time I read it. (ok - reads like I have propelled myself back into the 19th century where gothic drama reigned - but well, I am in the spooky castle-dark-clouds-looming-thunder-and-lightening-striking-wallowing mood)

As far as closure goes on “Sex and the City” – they all pretty consistently looked like scary clowns, or like Barbie Dolls at some never-ending cocktail party but the characters we all know and love from the series were there. And yeah, that was comforting.

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